5 Islands in The Bahamas to visit after the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill. Almost every country in the world has some sort of restriction on who can enter and how they will be quarantined upon entry. Meanwhile, The Bahamas is currently under a nationwide lockdown and the borders remain closed.

However, rumor has it that you can get in if you have Coronavirus test swabs to "donate".

Jokes aside, there will be a time in what appears to be the somewhat near future when our borders are going to reopen. So, in no particular order, I'm going to show you my picks for the top 5 islands to visit in The Bahamas for when the Coronavirus pandemic is over.

#5 Eleuthera

Eleuthera is easily one of my favorite islands in The Bahamas and it's not because it is one of the more developed islands. Eleuthera has the perfect balance between the quaintness of a family island and the accessibility of an island like New Providence. The beaches here are also top-notch.

#4 Cat Island

Cat Island has a special place in my heart. It is truly a hidden gem in The Bahamas. The island is known mainly Mt. Alvernia - the highest point in The Bahamas, but it is so more than that. The locals, the food, and the miles and miles of untouched beaches are what makes Cat Island special. You can read about my experiences in Cat Island here.

#3 Andros

It may be a surprise to some to see Andros on this list but after my time there I couldn't have enjoyed it more. Andros is the biggest island in The Bahamas but admittedly it is not one of the more developed islands. I think that's one of the best features that Andros offers: tranquility. Andros can be that island getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Read about my time in Andros and watch my travel vlog here.

#2 Harbour Island

Harbour Island - is where I want to be. Harbour Island is a small island just northwest of Eleuthera, so it's easily accessible by ferry. It's a great place to explore because you can get around most of the island via golf cart. Harbour Island's claim to fame has to be its pink powdery beaches that are a must-see for any beach lover.

#1 Exuma

This list wouldn't be complete without Exuma. Arguably boasting the best beaches in the world, let alone The Bahamas, Exuma is a popular place for tourists. Exuma is home to the world-famous swimming pigs. I've swum with them twice and I'd definitely recommend it. I've also heard that Exuma has 365 islands and cays - one for each day of the year.

N.B. These are just some of the islands that I've been to personally. There are many islands out there that can offer the same or an even better experience.

This list also purposely doesn't include New Providence.