Hotels in The Bahamas that offer discounted rates for Bahamian residents

Today marks the dawn of domestic travel in The Bahamas, following more than two months of lockdown. It only follows that there will be a deluge of Bahamians who are eager to venture out to the Family Islands. We've compiled a list of hotels that offer a discounted rate for Bahamian Residents (some also do to US residents).

Fernandez Bay Village - Cat Island

You'll struggle to find a more peaceful getaway than at Fernandez Bay. They're offering a 10% discount off of room rates. It appears that this discount extends to all prospective guests regardless of nationality.

Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina - Eleuthera

Cape Eleuthera offers unparalleled luxuries at an affordable price. They're currently offering Bahamian Residents their 2 Bedroom Villas for $240 + tax or $296.9 (normally $493.64) and their 1 Bedroom Cottage for $175 plus tax or $216.51 (normally $327.86).

Peace and Plenty Resort - Exuma

Peace and Plenty is conveniently situated in Georgetown and Stocking Island. They're offering 15% off their the Best Flexible rate for Bahamian, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Canadian residents!

Greenwich Creek Lodge - Long Island

Greenwich Creek Lodge is a peaceful oasis in Long Island and is easily the most affordable option in this list. They're offering a discounted rate for Bahamian residents of $105 a night.

Rollezz Villas Beach Resort - Cat Island

Rollezz Villas boasts pristine beaches with charming hospitality to match. They're offering Bahamian residents a rate of $185 + taxes along with free airport transfers.

Chester's Highway Inn Bonefish Lodge - Acklins

The only property on this list from Acklins, Chester's Highway Inn is famous for its bone and sports-fishing. They're offering a double occupancy room for $157 + taxes. They're also offering complimentary car rental for 2 days and free airport transfers!

Stella Maris Resort Club - Long Island

Stella Maris Resort is a beautiful resort on Long Island. They're offering Bahamian residents a rate of $180 a night for hotel rooms and their 1 bedroom cottages for $230 a night - both figures are inclusive of taxes.

Gems at Paradise Beach Hotel -Long Island

Gems at Paradise is a lovely boutique hotel on Long Island. They're offering 20% off for all prospective guests and kids stay free!

Valentine's Residences, Resort and Marina - Harbour Island

Valentine's is located on the quaint and beautiful island of Harbour Island. It's easily accessible from Northern Eleuthera and Nassau via ferry. They're offering Bahamian residents $300 for a studio, $400 for a 1 bedroom villa and $500 for a 2 bedroom suite. It's unclear whether or not these are inclusive of taxes.

As you can see, there are tons of savings to be had while still supporting those in the Family Islands! We hope that you take advantage of these savings!



This is for illustration purposes only. All photographs used in this publication were obtained from the respective hotel's website. TheBahamianTraveller has not been in communication with any of these hotels and cannot be held responsible for retracted or discontinued discounts. All information used in this publication was obtained from here or from the respective hotel's website. We recommend that you contact the hotel directly to confirm that any such discount is still valid for your booking. Some of the discounts may require you to book over the phone and may not be available online.